Download this page and its assets in a zip format.

How to use this web page:

This web page is designed to help Sprint developers working on non-CSS-compliant websites, but need to change their header to reflect the new Brand.

This is an example page showing how to create a header without using the Brand-Compliant stylesheets. The example stylesheet included here would be referenced locally, and is not in any way tied into the UXD style server's common.css.

HTML structure summary:

	<p id="brand"></p>
	<div id="globalNav"><!-- Links in here --></div>
	<div id="topTabs"><!-- Linked images in here --></div>

The above can easily be varied to remove the global navigation (if it is not appropriate for your application), or add/remove tabs.

To remove the global navigation:

To add your own tabs:

If you are unable to replace your application header and will only be swapping the new Sprint logo for the old Sprint logo, a few images are available below. NOTE: please inform Prashanth Havinahal if you will be using one of the below.