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Note:Read why this site appears to be in plain text.

NewCo Rebranding

This site is temporarily set up to provide easy access to NewCo rebranding efforts and materials as it relates to CSS-Compliance.

The Latest

7/29 - Updated (V4.1) implementation deck to clarify that only copyright is aligned right in the footer (test request).

7/8 - The footer on this page has been updated to reflect final branded names.

7/8 - New web page added to assist websites that are not CSS-compliant adopt the new header look and feel. Includes logos.

6/23 - Once rebranded CSS has been referenced correctly, follow directions in the NewCo - Content Changes Word document below for HTML content changes to support NewCo CSS.


Date Item Summary
07/08 D4912 Impact Clarification, V4.1 Word doc. (80k)

Detailed outline of required changes. Covers Global Navigation, primary tabs, footer, link colors.

All sites

06/23 NewCo - Content Changes Word doc. (80k)

Directions for HTML content changes.

CSS-compliant sites only

06/21 Referencing NewCo Rebrand CSS & JS Word doc. (60k)

Directions in referencing development versions of rebranded CSS and JS.

CSS-compliant sites only

06/06 Determining CSS-compliance Establish if your site is considered Brand-compliant


For the purposes of the NewCo Rebranding effort, "Brand-compliance" or "CSS-compliance" is defined as any site, web page, or web application that follows current Brand Standards as published at the Sprint Brand web site (AD username/password or register for access).

Determining CSS- or Brand-compliance

NOTE: This temporary UXD NewCo Branding site is not meant to replace any current or future function of the Sprint-Nextel eRoom. Nor should it be viewed as the one-stop location for all online rebranding.